Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"Touched by a masterpiece, a person begins to hear in himself that same call of truth which prompted the artist to his creative act. When a link is established between the work and its beholder, the latter experiences a sublime, purging trauma. Within that aura which unites masterpieces and audience, the best sides of our souls are made known, and we long for them to be freed. In those moments we recognize and discover ourselves, the unfathomable depths of our own potential, and the furthest reaches of our emotions."
--Andrei Tarkovsky

"On the last day of shooting, I pulled my pants down, threw my sister through a plate-glass window, vomited in a yellow bucket, and someone stabbed me with a little red army pocket knife. Two days later I woke up and the film was done."
--Harmony Korine

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