Monday, August 10, 2009

MORE FOR FLOW THAN FUNCTION (a collation of my short HALO-17 writing stint)

Last year I was enlisted to write weekly movie reviews for a little up and coming site. So I did, for a couple months, before academic obligations more or less forced me to jump ship. In that brief window I think I did some good work, and some bad work, too. Here, in chronological order, is all of it:

The Dark Knight (second review down)
Step Brothers
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Death Race
Burn After Reading (top review)
Miracle At St.Anna

The first two went through some editorial changes, some of which were necessary to make them readable, some of which ended up putting words in my mouth I didn't want there. Readability in general was a problem. I was perhaps overly infatuated with long, creaky sentences and sometimes found myself choosing adjectives because of how they sounded rather than how 100% apt they were. There are turns of phrase I still like, and others that are extremely clumsy. I regret my review of The Dark Knight, wherein I just jumped on the bandwagon and didn't jump very gracefully. I still really dig that movie, but I think I took the wrong angle on why. And I regret the snarky, mean tone of my Mummy review, for which I was chastised by one of my readers. But on the whole I think it was an OK first go, outright embarrassments kept to a minimum.

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