Monday, August 3, 2009

IN 2009, BLOG WAS BEGINNING (a brief foreword)

Good afternoon, Internet(s).

There were several blogs before this, but my interest in maintaining them waned and I abandoned them, leaving behind little minimonuments of words about this or that obsession, most of my musings youthfully pretentious and embarrassing. Past is prologue, etc. This one is primarily going to be about movies, because they're sorta how I breathe (though other things will likely creep into the frame, as well they should), and, like everything I set out to do, probably too ambitious at times. But for now, simple things: my name is Jesse Furgurson, and I like film and books and music and art in general, even videogames, and I like thinking and writing about and, in the case of movies, making them, and no, I'm not so sure myself what "...and the apes were always dancing," is supposed to mean, but it feels correct.

And that, as the man says, is the double truth, Ruth.

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